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Friday, September 25, 2009

New from UPSNA

Hope you all had a good summer. Now that school’s back in session we on the UPSNA board are beginning a new program that we’re all very excited about. It’s called SNAPP (for "Student Nurse Association Partnership Program"), and we’re premiering it at the welcome-back luncheon for UPSNA members, which is scheduled to be held on October 26th.

Basically, the program pairs up freshmen nursing students with juniors, and sophomores with seniors. It is a way for students to share info about classes, studying tips for those classes, first hand accounts about what to expect while in the program, and it’s a great way to network too! A short questionnaire included on the application form will help pair students with similar learning and study styles together. The program is for UPSNA members only, and is one of the many benefits of joining UPSNA.

An email will be sent out in a couple weeks with the details for the luncheon with a SNAPP application attached, until that time applications can be found on the UPSNA board located on the third floor of Buckly Center. So, get those applications filled out and then come to the luncheon to find out who your partner is, we’re excited to have you involved in this truly one of a kind program!


1 comment:

Bella said...

That is a great idea! How much is the membership for UPSNA? I would love to be partnered with a fresh.