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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UPSNA Board Member application

It's time for another group of outstanding UP Student Nurses to take the reigns of UPSNA. If you would like the chance to have a greater impact on your experience and that of your fellow nursing students while at the University, this a great opportunity!

To apply, copy and paste the following into a Word Document, fill it in and then email it off to

UPSNA Board Member application
Check the position you are applying for:
□ President (Must be Junior or Senior)
□ Vice President
□ Treasurer
□ Secretary
□ Activities Director
□ Publicity Manager
□ Membership Director
□ Web Coordinator
□ Student Liaison (2)
□ Committee on Students Representative (2)
□ Curriculum Committee Representative (2)
Name: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________________________________ (Last, First)
Year: ___________________________________ (In the fall)
Contact number: (¬¬___¬¬___)_______________________
1. Describe yourself as a student

2. Describe yourself as a leader

3. What sort of skills and experiences do you bring to this position?

4. How will you manage school work and your role?

5. Have you had experience in UPSNA before? If yes, describe them. If no, what sort of experiences do you hope to have and bring to other members?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 ONA/OSNA Convention Program

Click here to download the program for the 2010 ONA/OSNA Convention, Saturday March 6 beginning at 0800.

It's not too late to register! Learn more at

Friday, September 25, 2009

New from UPSNA

Hope you all had a good summer. Now that school’s back in session we on the UPSNA board are beginning a new program that we’re all very excited about. It’s called SNAPP (for "Student Nurse Association Partnership Program"), and we’re premiering it at the welcome-back luncheon for UPSNA members, which is scheduled to be held on October 26th.

Basically, the program pairs up freshmen nursing students with juniors, and sophomores with seniors. It is a way for students to share info about classes, studying tips for those classes, first hand accounts about what to expect while in the program, and it’s a great way to network too! A short questionnaire included on the application form will help pair students with similar learning and study styles together. The program is for UPSNA members only, and is one of the many benefits of joining UPSNA.

An email will be sent out in a couple weeks with the details for the luncheon with a SNAPP application attached, until that time applications can be found on the UPSNA board located on the third floor of Buckly Center. So, get those applications filled out and then come to the luncheon to find out who your partner is, we’re excited to have you involved in this truly one of a kind program!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Gene Cotton's "I am a Nurse"

Gene Cotton's "I am a Nurse" performed at the NSNA convention It don't get much better than that! ;)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Greeting from Nashville, TN and the NSNA Convention

Hey guys!

Justus, Kaye Wilson-Anderson and I are in Nashville, TN for the National Student Nurses Association Convention! We are in the midst of 3,000 future nurses, nurse leaders, faculty and even assistants to the Surgeon General!

Last night the conference kicked off with thanking sponsors who put on this convention and giving special awards to deserving recipients. We then heard from Rear Admiral Carol A. Romano, PhD, RN, FAAN, Assistant Surgeon General, Chief Nurse Officer, US Public Health Service. The theme for the convention is "Making it Big, Nursing Students Stepping Up and Stepping Out. Dr. Romano challenged us as nurses to do exactly this Step up to the challenges we have and will face in our career and most importantly to step outside our comfort zones in our careers. Be the nurse that creates change, never settle for a no answer.

We hope to write on the blog daily while we are here and let you know what we're up to and why we're here.

Today we ended an exhibit hall with hundreds of Nursing Schools represented from all over the US as well as health care organizations looking for nurses to hire. There were tons of NCLEX prep companies represented and selling their products. The Army, Air Force, Navy, US Public Health Service and many more organizations were in attendance. This was a HUGE version of our Nurse Extravaganza. We picked up tons and I mean tons of information about hospitals that are "hiring" meaning probably, well maybe, we will hire in January, but don't worry its getting better! So for those of you graduating next year get ready and start looking into companies you may be interesting in working for. Applications for their internships are generally due before May graduates graduate. They do offer suggestions every time we stop and chat with them, which is nice :) Here they are: BE FLEXIBLE, TAKE WHATEVER YOU GET, but apply everywhere!, Write thank you notes for everything, Drop them off in person, Check in with nurse recruiters often and establish a relationship with them, they will be your advocate in the application process and most importantly know that things will get better and you can always move to a new job after this whole economy settles. Hospitals are reporting to us that at least 1/3 of their nurses are over 55, therefore it is key for them to hire new grads now and train them up in their system.

Secondly we went to a Pharm Made Extremely Easy focus session. We were singing songs about SIADH and learning about Anticholinergics with a picture of a guy sittin on the toilet strained saying "No pee, no see, no spit, no shit" I'd say I reinforced quite a bit in that hour class and got to laugh. I would recommend checking into their products!

A few stories. They eat fried apples for breakfast here. It's like eating the middle of an apple pie with no crust.... The hotel we are in is like a little town under a 9 acre glass ceiling! 15 acres in total. Last night we ended up at a very expensive restaurant in the hotel, so Justus ordered Lobster Bisque for $12. The guy brought it and a huge bowl only had 3 lil pieces of lobster and no soup. The look on his face-PRICELESS. The waiter then pulled out the soup part and dumped it in, but let me tell yea I was laughing and Justus was not impressed!

Well, we are off to see the town of Nashville tonight. More pictures, tips, stories, ideas to come tomorrow (or tonight who knows). Leave us comments or questions and we'll answer them or figure out the answer!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey May Grads—
We’re almost done!! So naturally we have things to take care of ….
1. If you want a Pub Crawl shirt you MUST order one from us by FRIDAY APRIL 17th. Email with your size. Sm-XXXL available
2. Melissa is making a slide show for the roast. Please send your photos to The photos need to have our cohort in them and can be from clinical or from having fun! SEND them our way!!
3. The May celebration/roast is May 30th around 1400 keep your ears open for the exact time.
4. UPSNA will need help with making the roast of the professors happen. We have an idea for it but would welcome all of yours.
a. In order to accomplish our plan. PLEASE SEND US favorite quotes and stories from the professors!! Please make them Tasteful!!
b. Kathleen Bell
c. Karen Cameron
d. Lori Chorpenning
e. Darcy Copeland
f. Louisa Davis Sills
g. Susan Decker
h. Kari Firestone
i. Tricia Gatlin
j. Joanna Kaakinen
k. Lorette Krautscheid
l. Susan Moscato
m. Marie Napolitano
n. Mary Oakes
o. Chad O’lynn
p. Val Orton
q. Pamela Potter
r. Mary Beth Rosenstiel
s. Casey Shillam
t. Fran Simmons
u. Susie Stragnell
v. Linda Veltri
w. Diane Vines
x. Kaye Wilson-Anderson
y. Teri Woo
z. Elisa Majors
aa. Pat Alderman
bb. Barbara Bodine
cc. Kelly Margheim
dd. Emily Heuman
ee. Joanne Warner
ff. Carol Craig
gg. Anastatia Polyakov
5. HURST is doing a NCLEX review the week after graduation. The cost is $350 for a 4 day review. The class is interactive and taught by an RN with months of training in how to prep you for NCLEX. You can retake the class as many times as you need to and have full access to their resources and nurses to ask questions. Please email anna Vernon to RSVP and get details.
6. Video from Finance Workshop April 22nd 1800-2100 BC 310 The cost is $5. You will get to view the video and get a 6 pg outline of what we talked about. The Workshop was invaluable and comes HIGHLY Recommended--
“The financial workshop was great!! It was nice to go through the basics of finance and have the opportunity to ask questions. I really think that this should be offered every year. It's scary that we can graduate and get jobs without being aware of this information.” Kaylin Gaston
7. PINNING: We are wearing our graduation gowns with PROFESSIONAL attire underneath. Please go to the pinning website for information.
I know this is a long email, but it’s ALL important information. Please send any questions comments or concerns.

Thank You, UPSNA

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finance Workshop

Hey guys just a reminder that the workshop is this weekend 0900-1200. The cost is $5 for non UPSNA members. We will have a list at the door.

The room is BC 310. Please be on time to this event (early is your best bet seeing as there are 30 RSVP'd) We want the business department to be impressed with us :) I'm really excited for this event!

FYI for those of you that cannot make it!!! We will be videotaping the event and playing it at another date :) Please send an email to let us know you are interested in this option!

Also PUB CRAWL tshirts will be sold after the event as well as SNUP shirts. $10 for Pubcrawl shirts and $12 for SNUP shirts.

Thanks and see you there!